Show of Dreams 2019

Registration Form 2018


Hear Ye!!!!  Hear Ye!!!!

  The 23rd Annual Show of Dreams to benefit:

The High Hopes Foundation of NH


The New Hampshire Food Bank

is scheduled for 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Place: Alvirne Hills House Field, Hudson, NH

Time: 10am to 3pm

Handicapped parking & restroom available 

Featured Marques:

To Be Determined

Stay Tuned for the 2019 Registration Form


 Best in Show

Greg Zimmermann  1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I

Best of Marque TR6

Chuck Giorgio  1973 Triumph TR6

Best of Marque Land Rover

Geoff Jones  1987 Defender 110 Ex-Mod

British Marque Car Club News Favourites Award

Rod Gilbert  1962 Jaguar E-Type

Class 1  Motorcycles

1st Donald Krumholz  1969 Triumph T120R

2nd John Bowe  1958 BSA Super Rocket  

3rd John Bowe  1947 Matchless G3L

Class 2 Austin Healey 

1st Peter & Lucinda Borrone  1967 Austin Healey 3000

2nd Elliot More & Jaime Walter  1967 Austin Healey BJ8

3rd Brad Mousseau  1954 Austin Healey BN100

 Class 3 Jaguar XK

1st John & Clare Dowd  1956 Jaguar XK140

2nd Roger Barber  1953 Jaguar XK120 FHC

Class 4 Jaguar E-Type

1st Jim & Ellie Blackford  1969 Jaguar E-Type

2nd Roderic Gilbert 1962 Jaguar E-Type OTS

3rd  Norma Karle  1969 Jaguar E-Type 

Class 5  Jaguar XJ6

1st  Dave & Jane Corbett  1986 Jaguar XJ6

2nd Earl McGilvery  1985 Jaguar XJ6 VP

3rd Paul Roden  1991 Jaguar STS V12

Class 6A Range Rover

1st  Andrew Ballantine  Range Rover HSE

2nd Alan Richer  1954 Land Rover 86 

3rd  Greg Moore  1973 Land Rover Series III

Class 6B Land Rover Series I & II & III

1st Alan Richer  1954 Land Rover 86

2nd Greg Moore  1973 Land Rover Series 3

3rd Peter Buciak  1971 Land Rover Series IIA

Class 6C Land Rover Defender 

1st Geoff Jones  1987 Land Rover Defender

2nd Geoff Jones 1997 Land Rover Defender

Class 7 TR6 1969-1973

1st Mark Desenberg 1971 TRiumph TR6

2nd Dennis Magnan 1972 Triumph TR6

Class 8 TR6 1974- 1976

1st John Gibbs  1975 Triumph TR6

2nd Bob & Diana Stanley  1974 Triumph TR6

3rd Stee Nichols  1976 Triumph TR6

Class 9 TR2 & TR3

1st Ken Adams  1962 Triumph TR3B

2nd Paul Roden  1962 TR3B

3rd Tom Mulligan  1959 TR3

Class 10 TR4A & TR250 

1st Brian Tilton  1968 Triumph TR250

2nd Suzi & Pinch Polenchar  1962 Triumph  TR4

3rd  Fred Thompson  1964 Triumph TR4

Class 11 Sprite Midget Spitfire

1st Chuck & Diane Connors  1958 Austin Healey Sprite 

2nd Roger & Crystal Treadwell  1972 MG Midget

3rd  Rod Baker  1975 Triumph Spitfire 

Class 12  British Fastback Coupe (MGBGT, MGCGT, GT6) 

1st Michael Hobbs  1972 MGBGT

2nd Steve & Bill Rule   1968 MGCGT

3rd Clay Swenor  1973 MGBGT

Class 13 MG-TC, MG-TD, MG-TF

1st Elliot Grover  1948 MGTC

2nd Hal Kramer 1952  MGTD

3rd John Mickela  1951 MGTD

Class 14  MGA

1st Eric Krueger 1959 MGA

2nd  Al Nonsenzo  1957 MGA

3rd  Charles Thompson  1960 MGA

Class 15 MGB 1962-1974

1st Mike Oliva  1966 MGB

2nd Steve & Bill Rule  1963 MGB

3rd  John & Mickey Rizza  1966 MGB

Class 16 TR7  & TR8

1st George & Maureen Sherback  1980  Triumph TR8 DHC

2nd Ned Sparrow   1980 Triumph TR8 

3rd Richard Douglas  1980 Triumph TR8

Class 17 MGB 1974 1/2 – 1980

1st Vino Valle 1980 MGB

2nd Steve & Nancy Banner  1979 MGB

3rd  Adam DiBiaso  1978 MGB

Class 18 TVR

1st Geoff Dupont  1969 TVR 2500

2nd Ron Fournier 1972 TVR Vixin 

3rd Andrew Estes  1986 TVR 280i

Class 19 Lotus

1st   Bob Fallier  1974 Lotus Europa 

2nd Benjamin Levy  1966 Lotus Europa 

3rd  Bruce Allen  2006 Lotus Exige Cup 240 

Class 20 British Preservation (unrestored)

1st Richard Merrill  1973 Triumph TR6

2nd James Gillen  1965 Jaguar MK2

3rd  Daniel Zapton  1974 Triumph TR6

Class 21 British V8 & Modified

1st Kate & Chris Schwint  1977 MGB

2nd James Wiebe  1959 MGA

Class 22  British Classics Pre 1960

1st    Greg Zimmermann  1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I

2nd  Deidre Smyrnos  1957 Nash Metropolitan

3rd Mike Gaetano  1947 Bentley Mark VI Sports Sedan

Class 23 British Classics 1960-1969

1st Maelyn Hill   1962 Morris Minor

2nd  David Tothill  1959 Morris Minor

3rd Iain Barker 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S

Class 24 British Classics 1970-1979

1st Wendy Birchmire  1977 Mini Cooper 850

2nd Guy Niewenhous  1978 Roll Royce Silver Shadow II

3rd Josh Douglass  1974 Jensen Interceptor MK III

Class 25 British Classics 1980-1989

1st David Pauly  1983 DeLorean 12

2nd Jeff Poulin  2003 Jaguar XK8

3rd  Bruce Vild/Faith Lamprey 2007 Mini Cooper S

Class 26 British Classics 1990-2018

1st Kevin & Dale Dean  1994 Jaguar XJS

2nd  James Turbyne 2018 McLaren Spider 

3rd  Rick Neville  1963 Austin Healey 3000BJ7

Class 27A  AC/Shelby Cobra

No Cars Registered in this class

Class 27B  Cobra

1st  Charles Burke  1965 Cobra Factory 5

Class 28 Non British 

1st Bob Schenk  1930 Ford A Coupe

2nd John MacKinnon  1970 Mercedes 280SL

3rd Kim Camuso  1970 Chevy Camaro


 Please see “Hudson, NH Area Hotels” page for lodging info.